• Andrea Kurian

Why I Always Dress Up

Fashion is often defined as a popular style of clothing, hair, ornaments or behavior yet it so much more than that. The items we choose to wear and how we carry them are one of our most powerful forms of self expression. Our personal style often resonates with who we are and how we feel. To some, the words “fashion” and “style” are often written off with being something materialistic and superficial. However, I think it’s a form of art in which we unknowingly create a personal and emotional bond with. Our style and clothes are a part of us. Essentially, they are like our second skin. Our style reveals a part of who we are before we may even say “hello”. This “second skin” allows people of all ages, genders, races and sizes to express themselves in a way that words and actions may not.

A lot of the time, choosing what to wear may feel intimidating, awkward and overwhelming. We may not know what to wear and how to wear it. I remember regularly questioning whether what I was about to wear would be right for me. I spent many years living in my go-to jeans because I was scared to push my boundaries and take risks in wearing something that scared me, like Palazzo pants. Developing my personal style took a lot trial and error and even now it is constantly evolving. The best thing I did for my personal style was slowly trying new trends, eventually figuring out what worked for me. Over the years, thoughtfully choosing what to wear has become a daily routine. Not only do I take the time to look presentable, but tailoring an outfit to the mood or feel I am trying to evoke has become second nature. Putting together an outfit requires creativity as there are endless options. Trying on a new outfit or accessory can actually get the creative juices flowing and even give some creative inspiration for a project you may be working on.

The effort and investment taken into building a great wardrobe that meets your needs and fits you well on a daily basis is a powerful tool in making you feel and look good. There is a sense of fulfillment in dressing up that additionally brings an undeniable buzz of confidence. Have you ever worn a killer outfit and wondered why you suddenly felt on top of the world? Well, it’s simple; when you dress good, you feel good. What we wear not only affects how people perceive us but more importantly how we feel about ourselves. Being comfortable in your first and second skin automatically makes you more confident. When this happens, you feel happier. Being dialed into your own personal style means knowing what you need, love and want to wear. The more confident you are, the more empowered you feel thus embracing self love. Feeling confident and comfortable impacts your professional and personal life and this can be influenced by something as simple as dressing up. It is ridiculously easy to procrastinate and feel lethargic when you are lazing around in a pair of comfortable sweatpants but when you are dressed to slay, it helps provide the enthusiasm needed to get work done. Getting dressed up subconsciously motivates one to be productive and take charge of the day.

So the next time someone annoyingly asks “WhY aRe YOU sO DrEsSed Up?”, you have a few reasons. Nothing beats that feeling of looking into the mirror and being happy with what you see, inside and out. Plus, there is nothing wrong with being the Rihanna of the family.

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