• Andrea Kurian

Rule Of Three

Do you often struggle to put an outfit together? If only there was some guideline to help you look chic 24/7 without consuming time or effort, right? Well the good news is that there is a well kept fashion secret called the Rule of Three.

This phrase is commonly used for interior design and decorating however it also applies to clothing. Many interior designers will explain that this rule was created due to the fact an odd number of items/décor seems more natural and pleasing to the eye. Similarly, choosing at outfit with three colours has the same effect. By nature, we put together a shirt and blouse or just a dress but by adding a third element (or a third colour) will transform a simple outfit into something more complete and put together.

Here are some guidelines:

- Try not to wear more than three colours per outfit.

- Since black and white are considered basic/base shades, it is easier to integrate them into your outfits. Additionally, you can wear four colours if one of them is white.

- This rule does not ban the use of bold prints! Try to keep the rest of the outfit simple. You can even can even choose a colour out of the print itself to match with your accessories.

- Matching the colour of your accessories is an easy way to limit the number of colours in your outfit.

- For metal jewelry, try to stick to one shade for each outfit eg. Gold or silver.

Just because this is one of the style rules out there does not mean it needs to be used every single time! Even though I have found dressing in three colours helpful, others easily pull off multi colour looks.

Below are some of my favourite Rule of Three looks I have put together in the past.

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