• Andrea Kurian

Go-To Ten Minute Make-Up Look

Now, a fair warning – I am no make up artist however make up is something I wear on a daily basis (whether it is just mascara or a full glam look). Over the years my go-to make up look has evolved and changed drastically. I have gone though all sorts of obsessions and phases including rocking JUST winged eyeliner that reaches my brow bone to the super dewy highlighter look that took over 2017 or even my 50 shades of blush phase. As of now, my go-to look focuses on a matte finish, a romantic pink blush, strong eyes and a simple lip.

Before I get into the nitty-gritty details of my look, check out my (FIRST EVER) make up video for this look below. Enjoy me being an occasional dork.

Now, first things first, I ALWAYS cleanse, tone and moisturize my skin before adding any sort of make-up. Just like any beauty guru- a good quality primer comes next. This is such an important step for me as I require my make-up to last a full day of running around. No time for touch-ups over here. Not only that, but you can visibly see and feel the difference with primed skin when using any form of foundation. My skin doesn’t get greasy on my cheeks or chin and my pores don’t look all dry and aggravated thanks to my MAC Prep & Prim Fix. After a few minutes of letting the primer to settle in, I add my MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in small spots over my “trouble areas”. Also, I don’t own concealer so this babe helps me out with prepping my eyes. I gently DAB the foundation into my skin, allowing it to sink in properly thus giving it a natural finish. I usually go for a medium coverage unless I am doing something super glam.

I move onto eye shadow, which I honestly don’t do anything great. I use my Morphe 350M almost everyday without fail. Beauty lovers, get your hands on this gem ‘cus its worth every cent. For this look, I started off with a light base to brighten up my eyes. Then, I went in with a tan brown shade that is very similar to my natural eyelid colour. Since my eyeshadow look is very minimal, I go in with a super white shade on my lower lashline in the inner corner of my eye. Using the same tan brown colour, I blend it into the white shadow on my lower lash line. In order to add some depth, I take one of the darker shades of brown and smudge it into the outer corner of my eyes. Just to add some mystery, you know?

Now that my foundation has sunk in, I add a very light layer of MAC Mineral Finish Powder over my T-Zone. I prefer my pizza greasy but definitely not my face. Up next, my latest obsession….BLUSH. I have had this specific blush from Cover Girl since 2015 and OMG, it is just such a pretty girly shade. I used to add blush on the apple of my cheeks in a circular motion but lately I have been applying it much higher on my cheekbones in order to make them pop.

Things get a bit tricky now. I attempt to do my go-to winged eyeliner look. This is something I have done since I was sixteen yet it doesn’t seem to get easier. After some struggle, patience and cussing- I have managed to get it to look even. Olympic Award please? I add Two Faced “Better Than Sex Mascara” which is by far the best mascara I have ever tried. These really lengthen each and every eyelash. For the last bit, I add my daily brown liquid lipstick by Chambor. If you didn’t notice in the video, I really struggled to get anything out of the bottle. Last but not least, I add a bit of the Mac Prep&Prime as a finishing spray to just reaaaallllyy lock everything in.

So there you go, my first make-up routine and (sort of ) turorial. I hope you enjoyed it!

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